Solutions Consulting

Over 12 years of experience

We have the expertise and experience to help take your idea to the next level.

It all starts with brainstorming your idea at a high level. During this process we flesh out the MVP happy path, and some of the more common edge cases.

After, we take the idea through the technology phase, determining what is the best tech for the problem at hand. This takes into consideration budget, availability, and complexity.

We then apply this technology to solve the problem. This can be done as a service or we partner up and work hands on with your team.

Web Application Development

At Hoy! Smart Solutions, we are always learning the latest in cutting edge web technology. From Google’s IO Developer Conference, to Search Marketing Expo, we are passionate about learning all aspects of the web world to bring you the most up-to-date products.

We can help your business form the website you need while offering the functionality and attention that you deserve. We’re proficient in making customer web applications, and are eager to help you build yours.

Front-End Web Development

We will built your business a capturing and attractive website for your application. The goal is to help establish a recognizable brand for your product.

Back-End Web Application Development

Developing a brilliant website is only the first 50% of success. You also need a capable back-end to handle your business logic, data storage, etc. We will implement advanced technologies to accomplish a quick and reliable service for your product.

Support and Maintenance

During the evolution of your business, your product will also naturally evolve. You will need regular modification, updates, and changes to meet the growing needs and expectations of your customers.

Mobile Application Development

Hoy! Smart Solutions is ready to help bring your business into the 21st century by creating a slick, easy to use app. We specialize in delivering enterprise-level applications without compromising the user experience.

We can help you maintain your current application, or if you need, create an application from scratch.

Let us help your turn your ideas into reality.

iOS Development

We’re experienced in creating apps for iPhone, iPad, tvOS, and Apple Watch using all of the latest in technology.

Android Development

We stay current on the latest Android trends from Google and can help your launch your app on Android phones and tablets.

Hybrid Development

Need your app quickly launched on both iOS and Android platforms? We can create your app using hybrid technology that will allow us to rapidly develop and deploy on both platforms.

Everything Else Under The Sun

Responsive Web Design

Our websites are eye-catching and are designed with users in mind. Though hours of research, design-savyness, and UI/UX knowhow, we understand how to build aesthetic sites for your target market that are made for converting potential leads into satisfied customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Through following best practices, we help you to climb the ranks of Google and Bing. With a series of on-page and off-page SEO tactics, we help the search engines understand that relevancy of your site and why they needs to show it to their users who are searching for what you have to offer.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing is the preferred method of paid advertising. PPC is an excellent tool to rapidly get your website out there in the faces of your potential customers. Couple PPC with Search Engine Optimization, and your search engine presence is unstoppable.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media is the newest opportunity to reach your customers. As your customers are spending much of their free time on networks like Facebook, you need to be there as well. We can help you get started with your presence on the social networks.


Have your own marketing team? Are you marketing your website on your own? Either way, if you’re looking for a little help and guidance on where you should focus next, we can point you in the right direction. As professionals in the business for over a decade, we’ve seen it all, and have learned from past experience the most valuable places to put your focus on.

Website Auditing

Have you had a company build your website before, but for some reason it’s not performing the way you had hoped? We can investigate and provide you an in-depth report on where the issues are, and how you should correct them.